Okay let’s call this what it is. Buzzfeed once again published a flat-out lie. They knew they were publishing a flat-out lie. I suggest that rises to the level of criminality, particularly given that they were the ones who posted the original Hawaii in all this, the bogus Steele dossier. They just never figured Muller, partisan as he is, would open his mouth and douse that particular flame.

Frankly, I didn’t either, since it’s at the least highly unusual for a special counsel to dispute a story regarding an investigation.

I suspect, though I can’t point it anything at the moment the Muller is trying to show the world that he’s not what he is…. a partisan hack.

I mean, think about this for a moment. This fabrication from BuzzFeed was the top story on all of the lamestream media all day yesterday. As obviously the Democrat operatives, one of which co-wrote the story, intended.

It’s already been observed that this fake stuff out itself usually within 24 hours. The pattern has held.

Watching the reaction to this story when it first came out though is revealing I think. It reminded me of nothing so much as sharks sensing blood in the water. The lamestream media other the word impeachment over 200 times in the 24-hour period of yesterday. I think their reactions rise to the level of criminality as well. But of course all we’re going to get out of this is embarrassed silence from the ones who were screaming so loudly yesterday.

How many times over the last two years have we heard words to the effect of “we finally got Trump”?

Keep in mind, Donald Trump was never my guy to start with. I still have my problems with him. However it seems to me that what we have from yesterday’s events is a list of people who are willing to sign on to an outright lie in order to hurt Donald Trump…. And have no regard for the truth whatsoever.

That again, that’s Democrats for you.