I have been suspicious of the backstory surrounding the demise of The Weekly Standard into a GOP establishment organization, for some years now as I wrote last week.

Today comes this information, from Frontpage

These days, Kristol is using Defending Democracy Together, a 501c4 dark money organization of “conservatives and Republicans “, to try and primary Trump. Components of DDT include, Republicans Against Putin and an analysis of Russian troll tweets. Beneath the concerns about national security and Russia, Kristol’s organization shares a funding source with a platform for the greatest Russian intel coup.

As Julie Kelly of American Greatness recently revealed, DDT is heavily funded by Pierre Omidyar’s Democracy Fund. Omidyar is a French-Iranian billionaire who is known for funding campaigns against national security, not for it. Omidyar’s best known media investment is The Intercept, a site that does everything from distributing Qatari propaganda to defending anti-Semitism.

Read the whole article of course but pay particular attention to the last paragraph;

The National Summit for Democracy was the Omidyar equivalent of Soros’ Democracy Alliance. Despite the grandiose name, the “National Summit” apparently only managed to attract some 90 participants including Bill Kristol, Evan McMullin, Senator Jeff Flake and the Washington Post’s Max Boot.

This new information has done nothing to allay my suspicions of that whole situation with Weekly Standard, Kristol in particular.

Add to that the actions of Jeff Flake are beginning to make more sense now.