The hoplophobes who try to brand their personal paranoia try to label their fears as Common Sense Gun Control.   The hoplophobes tell you, over and over, that you don’t need guns because the police have guns and are their to protect you.  Yet the courts, over and over, rule that the police have no duty to protect you, from South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

A federal judge says Broward schools and the Sheriff’s Office had no legal duty to protect students during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom dismissed a suit filed by 15 students who claimed they were traumatized by the crisis in February. The suit named six defendants, including the Broward school district and the Broward Sheriff’s Office, as well as school deputy Scot Peterson and campus monitor Andrew Medina.

Bloom ruled that the two agencies had no constitutional duty to protect students who were not in custody.

Hat tip and Reax, Bearing Arms:

[T]he law requires these potential victims to be disarmed. It makes it impossible for them to defend themselves from an attack, even while the state has absolved itself of any responsibility to protect those they’ve disarmed.

Frankly, it’s disgusting.

The good new for those inclined to rush a newspaper, say the Sun Sentinel, is that the police has no duty to rush into stop you.  So say the judge who work from their armed and protected courthouses.

One Response to “The Common Sense Gun Control Catch -22”

  1. That “judge” is plowing some new ground trying to protect the School District and Taxpayers.  Broward Sheriff was free of responsibility to protect John Q by at least 5 SCOTUS Decisions, but the School is an equine of an entirely different hue.

    My initial hunch is piss poor lawyering on the part of Plaintiff.

    Schools are lightning fast to bellow In Loco Parentus from the moment little Dullard sets foot on the school bus until he is returned to the bus stop.  They also assert full care, custody and control of Dullard between those 2 times.  With that degree of control comes RESPONSIBILITY.  Schools even assert their authority and superior power over parents while Dullard is in School custody.

    In most Districts you damn near require Habius Corpus to get your kid out early.
    Bringing the kid late will in most Districts mandate the little darling remain in isolation for remainder of day unless you walk the kid to the appropriate counter and file necessary paperwork.

    Add in that Broward is a secure campus, and the District has total care, custody and control.  That means the District also has liability, and I’d bet Insurance to cover that liability as well.