It was 77 years ago yesterday… the attack on Pearl Harbor. Been thinking about it since yesterday morning.

The amount of time that has passed since those events has cost us, I think, an understanding of them.

Certainly, we’ve lost a lot of the survivors of that attack. Only about 20 of them, all in their 90’s now, we’re able to make the trip out to Pearl Harbor for yesterday’s ceremony. There aren’t many left, these first-hand witnesses to that event.

You know, back in the sixties the slogan was “Never trust anyone over 40”. That concept, combined with a certain laziness, has put us in the situation we are now in.

Frankly, with our reluctance these last four or five decades since those days to learn from history, the rejection of the lessons learned by the older generations, and the cumulative values that sprung from those lessons, one truly must Wonder if anyone these days is willing to listen to their stories, their history, their memories, their values, before it’s too late.

That time is not far off, I fear.

Too late for what?

I have pointed out many times in these spaces that the concepts of freedom, individualism, the reward of hard work, and so on are culturally motivated and culturally rooted.

What we’re talking about here then, is the rejection of those values simply because so many refuse to learn the lessons the previous generations taught.

Our country, our culture, our very way of life is in jeopardy thereby.