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On the Passing of G.H.W. Bush

You’re going to hear an awful lot of lot of laudatory as regards to Mr. Bush this morning. In truth, he probably deserves most of it.

(Re-read the first para, and then proceed…)

Thing is, I’ve been seeing an awful lot of examples of what I would consider to be false respect in the last several hours that turns my stomach.

Obama for example…

It was reported this morning that Obama visited with Bush a few days ago. He said, apparently last night:

America has lost a patriot in the humble servant in George Herbert Walker Bush. while our hearts are heavy today they’re also filled with gratitude. Not merely for the years of service you spend as our 41st president but for the more than 70 years he devoted in service to the country he loved.”

Well written, obviously written in advance, and hitting all the politically correct buttons. And also about as disingenuous as they come, if you take into consideration the way the Bush family was treated while they were still a threat to Democrat power.

I have made no secret over the years of my disdain for the GOP establishment of which the entirety of the Bush family is a part. I have repeatedly said in these spaces that not a one of them was actually conservative,but rather big government establishment Republicans of the Rockefeller/globalist persuasion.

More than granted, that he was arguably more conservative then Bubba and Barry were as Predident, but then again, that’s not all that much of a hurdle is it?

I have also repeatedly suggested that the only reason that Reagan accepted Bush as his running mate was to quiet the clamoring in the GOP establishment for ‘balance” to the ticket. For the Establishment Reagan was far too conservative. Still is, for that matter, which accounts for the objections to Trump today, and how the establishment has been about tearing Reagan’s legacy down for the last 40 some-odd years.

So it is that I look with a jaundiced eye toward the comments being made by such as Obama this morning.

Not only is it easy to praise on someone who has died…( being I suppose, the thing to do and so very politically correct… ) but in truth the Bush family was never very much of a threat to the left and their agenda anyway, regardless of their screaming about it at the time.

Look carefully at that quote from Obama. Now, replace Bush’s name with Donald Trump…. Someone who is working tirelessly against the leftist agenda and it was certainly is not beholden to the GOP establishment. Can you possibly imagine Obama saying such things about Donald Trump?

I suppose it 20 or 30 years we will get the chance to see. Frankly, I doubt it.

Remember, with Democrats it always comes down to whatever happens to be the biggest threat to their power at the moment. Under these conditions it’s far easier to be politically correct. False praise is always the easiest thing to do and takes no courage whatsoever.

By the way I gather that arrangements are being made for mr. Trump to attend the funeral. This is a rather marked contrast so what happened with John McCain