Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez , of big mouth, but very clean toes fame

Seventeen days before Christmas and Congress Critter-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez(AOC) just delivered a sleigh full of gifts. I hardly know where to start, from Kemberlee Kaye, Legal Insurrection:

The First Amendment. How does it work? It’s almost like it was designed to protect the public from the tendency of elected officials to flirt with fascism.

Troll all you want, but when you get smart and start threatening subpoenas (before even being sworn in, mind you), take the backlash you get.

Some points, albeit not all. One, brain size should be political no go zone. As it is a poor measure of intelligence. Of which AOC ought to be aware. Male brains are what ten percent bigger than female. Yet Men are not ten percent smarter than females.

Two, the first rule of being trolled is not to bite on the troll bait.

Three, AOC ought study her history. Socialist economies, from the former Soviet Union to present day Venezuela, has chronic problems with famine.

Four, the quintessential definition of free speech is political speech. Donny Jr’s Tweet is protected free speech.