It comes down to this:

( Matthew Whitaker, Useless Toady, op-ed, 7:45 p.m. EDT July 5, 2016)

Director Comey’s judgment was that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring the case. I disagree. I believe myself to have been a reasonable prosecutor, and when the facts and evidence show a criminal violation has been committed, the individuals involved should not dictate whether the case is prosecuted.

So, in short, the Democrats are upset that Hillary Clinton might actually have to pay for her crimes.

Moreover, they are deeply concerned that the myths that they have promoted so long as regards Robert Mueller, and his essentially being an insuperable part of government is now in serious question.

Witness the first words out of the mouth of Chuck Schumer:

“Given his previous comments advocating defunding and imposing limitations on the Mueller investigation, Mr. Whitaker should recuse himself from its oversight for the duration of his time as acting attorney general,” Schumer said in a statement.

Clearly the Democrats are frightened to death that the one thing that they floated their future on, the illusion that there was some sort of conspiracy between Vladimir Putin and the Trump team, is going to be evaporated from under them.

Muller has been going for two years now, and has basically come up with absolutely nothing. The Democrats have been operating from a busted flush since the beginning and that is being exposed here.

The reality of this situation is that Robert Mueller is in effect, a contractor to the justice department. Nothing more. But of course he does have the advantage of being the guy that ran the samples of uranium to the Russians under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. No, no conflict of interest here. Move on, citizen.

True, Rod Rosenstein is his boss but that’s not going to last very long in my view, ( he should have been gone the moments that Donald Trump took office) and Acting Director Whittaker is the boss of both of them.

Robert Mueller’s purview as laid out in the original authorization written by Obama syncopant Rod Rosenstein gives Mueller purview to chase down Avenues of Investigation directly related to the charge of collusion with Russia. However, Muller has spent the majority of his time outside of that purview, clearly and desperately seeking something/anything to help the Democrats politically. both Muller and Rosenstein are Democrat political operatives in reality, regardless of the title.

This insanity should have ended a long time ago, and most likely will, now that Jeff Sessions is no longer in the top spot at DOJ.

Also, I’m seeing indications Rod Rosenstein will get his pink slip within the next two weeks. What really upsets the Democrats here of course, is that Acting Director Whittaker gets to make that call, not Senate Democrats, no matter how much they whine like babies.

That means of course that, as I say, their Russia collusion thing gets exposed as a busted flush, and Hillary Clinton and a lot of her supporters are going to be spending serious time enjoying the Glorious accommodations at the vertical bar Hotel.

And speaking of Hillary Clinton…You know what’s interesting…. I don’t remember Charles Schumer calling for then attorney general Loretta Lynch to recuse herself from the Clinton email investigations.

I can’t imagine for the life of me why he’d be calling for such things now.


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  1. Dear General Whitaker, as the matter of the late Mr. Vincent Foster.

  2. Everything you said, but syncopant – Sycophant* – and who is dollar?