Is anyone surprised that Democrats are suddenly “finding” boxes of mystery ballots in every close Senate race? And should I be suspicious not only of that timing but of the fact that the sudden finds never seem to benefit anything but the Democrats? How is it that these sudden finds are found in an area where Democrats have easy access to them?

Addendum, Eric

I’m seeing reports that Stacey Abrams is sending out robocalls, which suggests that if you haven’t turned in your provisional ballots, you should do so now. This, well after the election.

🤔Almost like this was planned.

Oh, and then Florida,As of 9/30/18, Broward County Florida has 1,167,982 Registered voters.
They turned in 1,284,780 Ballots. THAT’S 110% Particiaption.

Do you know… I think we may have figured out where the extra Democrat voters came from?

2 Responses to “Why is the FBI Not All Over This?”

  1. As Stalin said, who votes means nothing
    Who counts the votes means everything.

  2. It just gets gooder & funner.

    It appears the State of Florida anticipated excess votes coming in, and wrote Law on what to do with the excess votes.

    Commissioner Brenda just may have screwed herself and gotten a whole bunch of Broward votes for Governor and Senator thrown out.