So, the woman who claims Brett Kavanaugh raped her, now admits she never met him. notice that the sites this information comes from is not exactly mainstream media. There’s a reason for that. It doesn’t meet their criteria of pushing the narrative. (Twitchy covered this one, too)

I gather that she’s been referred for prosecution.

Meanwhile, the name Michael Flynn has started to Bubble Up Again.

The FBI has reviewed intercepted phone calls between national security adviser Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador to the US and has found no evidence of wrongdoing, it was revealed Monday.

…and once again, we find that the mainstream media won’t touch this because it doesn’t follow the narrative.

I suggested if they touch these stories at all it will be after the midterm elections.

Meantime, let’s consider a story that the mainstream media has been sitting on since well, forever.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is winning plaudits from both sides of the aisle for being named by the Department of Justice to serve as special counsel to investigate allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election and rumors of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

But given Democrat abhorrence of all things Russian, how will they react to Wikileaks’ disclosure that in 2009, then-Director Mueller delivered a sample of stolen highly enriched uranium to the Russians on a trip there?

Do you begin to understand what Americans are up against?