* First of all, perspective.

For the last hundred years the first midterm election of every president, the president’s party has lost seats in the House, and usually the Senate, with it. As an example of votes Bill Clinton and Barack Obama lost seats in both houses of Congress at their first midterm election.

As of this writing, the seat shift in the House is 34 or 35 to the Democrats whereas in the Senate the Democrats lost three seats. So, in other words in light of the historical standards, the Democrats pulled off a mediocre midterm at best. This despite or perhaps as a direct result of them running at volume 12 so the last two years.

Certainly, the “Blue Wave”, that the lamestream press spent agonizing months on end trying to convince us was going to happen, simply did not happen. So, we’re going to have to watch to see whether or not the Democrats bedwetting is now over. I doubt it. If the recent past is a prologue, the next two years of activities in the now Democrats controlled lower house will focus on two things… Obstruction and vengeance. With what we know of their personalities and their histories, they simply won’t be able to help themselves.

* West Virginia’s Manchin won by perhaps two points. (Though of course, it’s early, that needs to settle down a little bit.) That thin margin of victory suggests that if he hadn’t voted for Brett Kavanaugh, West Virginia would have fliped Republican. like it or no for the majority of the country the Democrat Antics with the cabinet hearings did not play well.

* The Trump effect is obviously still in play, Big Time. The races where the Democrats spent the most money was where he went. Texas and Florida, for example… the people in the GOP that embraced Trump and his agenda did pretty well. The ones that didn’t, not so much. This is going to play a huge in 2 years.

* The left is busy saying this morning that Healthcare was their big issue. There is however a problem with that claim, as you might expect….if Healthcare was there strong issue, where are the gains in the Senate?

* Watch what happens with the markets later this morning. They know very well the effect of having a Democrat controlled House will have on the economy.

* With about 45 Democrats saying that they will not vote for Nancy Pelosi as speaker, the Democrats aren’t going to be getting much done for the first six to eight months while they conduct an intramural power fight.

*Claire McCaskill is gone… there’s going to be a lot of claims as to what caused that, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that what really caused her demise was her staff letting loose the idea that she really wasn’t as Centrist as she claimed…. Thus showing her dishonesty. That factor too, is going to play a large in 2 years elsewhere in the country. (Good show, Project Veritas!!)