The Americans by Gordon Sinclair, video:

Happy Thanksgiving.

Addendum, Eric

Davud I don’t think you know about this little bit of history because I don’t think I’ve ever related it here.

Living along the southern shore of Lake Ontario you can pick up a lot of Canadian stations. The day that this editorial was originally broadcast, I was home sick from school, a rather nasty cold. and of course I immediately went to the radio and started listening to stations within about 500 miles. WJR, WGR, WKBW, CJBQ, the now-defunct CJNH CBL and so on.

It was by mere chance that I happened across 1010 just about the time Sinclair opened his Mike. I can remember thinking to myself when I originally heard it on that cold day that Mr. Sinclair was probably going to be losing his job. But two things negated that… one the near godlike status he had and they broadcasting community in the Toronto area being a fixture at CFRB for many years… And of course the way it caught on.

There are records here in the states and at least two of them in my possession of Sinclair giving this talk.. (on the Avco embassy label) and another read by Byron MacGregor of the same editorial… (on another label which I believe to be an offshoot of the TK label out of Hialeah Florida.. ) which proved at least around the Rochester area to be the bigger seller.

Every once in awhile an event like that comes along to remind us of who we are.