# Given what we have seen of vote corruption and the willingness of Democrats to break the law to get their way, I question the notion that Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote.

# American Conservative says facism and socialism have always been kissing cousins. I tend to agree. So does history.

# Scott Walker, with the narrow margin of loss, could have raised 9 kinds of hell in the courts and dragged the thing out for the next few months. Could have. But didn’t. Now observe what’s going on in Florida Arizona and Georgia. Do you see the difference?

#In Texas, the white folks who voted for the Hispanic guy there, are being called “racist” by supporters of the Irish Hispanic wannabe. I can’t write this stuff. It writes itself.

# Ocasio-Cortez Butt-Hurt Because of “I Can’t Afford D.C. Rent”.. Laughable and deserving of scorn. No question that it’s expensive in DC, but it’s also expensive in Astoria Queens and Long Island where she grew up. (It’s almost that expensive in the Bronx, where she actually grew up, her claims not withstanding. ) Is this the first rent she’s ever had to pay? If so, who was in fact paying her way all this time? Moreover, the woman’s politics, and that if those supporting her, lead directly to those high prices. Then again, no worries. Given Democrat history in government, she’ll be worth millions in 6 months. maybe she can get Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi to take her under their wings and show her how to do it.