A few more notes from the passing parade;

# Reynolds:

IMAGINE THAT: Surprise! “Man” Who Insulted Tucker Carlson’s Daughter as a “Whore” and a “C**t” Is… On the Board of Directors of the “Women’s Initiative.”

Yeah, well, it’s been going on for some time now. I have always said that the overt going to the feminist left that we’ve all seen really wasn’t about women at all but about leftist power. This is merely one more in a series of Clues to that effect.

# CNN, Acosta, Etc, Does nobody Remember When Obama was revoking White House Press passes? Once again, selective outrage rules the day.

Speaking of which: I’ve been publishing political observations for about as long as Acosta has been out of diapers. What do you suppose would happen if I went to the White House today and claimed that qualified me for a White House Press pass? …That I had a constitutional right to a White House Press pass?

# Sorry, I’m not buying that one either. For almost a week we were told global warming was responsible for what was going on out in California. When that one that one deservedly went down in flames, so to speak, as expected, the rumor started getting spread that the culprit was Sparks being set off by PS & G power stations. Sorry, that’s just too damn convenient. I’m not buying that either. There is one reason and one reason only why California is in the state it’s in right now…. As I explained graphically yesterday, forest mismanagement in the first degree. Everything else you hear is mere excuses. California has always had fires, always been hot, always been dry… there have always been minor electrical issues out there, for as long as there’s been electricity. and of course the one excuses they haven’t come up with yet in this case is that the fires were intentionally set. They’ve done that before, too. Here’s the thing; The issue isn’t what starts the fires …the issue is why they can’t be controlled once they get started… and that as I say comes down to Forest management or in the case of California, mismanagement. Workable solutions to a problem, require problem identification. We Can’t Stop California fires. They’ve been occurring out there for thousands of years. What needs to happen is proper management of the situation.

So who made her the expert? I was amused in the extreme to learn that Michelle Obama is saying that Mrs. Trump never reached out to her for advice on how to be FLOTUS. Maybe she figured you weren’t doing all that good a job at it, Michelle. And guess what? I tend to agree.