# I would give serious money to watch Maxine Waters compete on Jeopardy with Ocasio-Cortez, and a fifth grader. Even money, the fifth grader would win.

# I’m not one to kick a man when he’s down. But then again, John Kerry isn’t a man…

# Married to a hologram? I guess that’s kind of like the relationship between the Democrat Party and their Rank and file. There’s nothing real there to base a relationship on.

# Well according to the news, they managed to steal a senate seat out there in Arizona. Fox News even suggesting that they managed to flip it from Republican to Democrat. Apparently even Fox News has forgotten that we were dealing with Jeff Flake, out there. That in my mind doesn’t constitute a flip to Democrats. In reality, that seats been held by a Democrat for many years.

# Governor Moonbeam once again proves what an insufferable loser he is. And then he invokes p the global warming lie to try and weasel his way out of responsibility for not doing his job. I’m truly sorry for the problems Californians are facing but the fact of the matter is it’s their own politics that got them into this mess… And it’s not like they weren’t repeatedly warned what would happen. At what point did it become our responsibility to bail them out when they were told repeatedly what would happen if they pursued the policies that they pursued? In my view, the federal government should not be funding California’s abject stupidity any longer.

Trump, as it happens is sending emergency funding out there. He shouldn’t be. They made their bed, let them lie in it. (I told you several times previously that when Trump screws up I roast him. Here’s one such occasion. ) Now, before you start telling me about how cruel am, how cruel is it to be stealing money from the rest of the country when you were warned that your policies would cause these problems? Makes about as much sense as building your dream home on alive volcano, and then demanding the federal government bail you out when you end up with red hot magma in the master bedroom. And no, leftists. Your climate change Mantra is always does not fit the reality of the situation. This stuff has been going on for thousands of years, literally. what’s changed is that you idiots decided you wanted to declare what was natural and what wasn’t.

# Oh and before I forget… Let’s Ponder this question; are the massive California fires God’s revenge for CA voting Democrat? I mean, weren’t we told just a few short weeks ago that hurricanes are Trump’s fault for pulling out of bogus Paris Climate Accord?

2 Responses to “Short Hits II”

  1. Look I appreciate that Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is God’s gift to comedy.  However it would far easier to read War and Peace, in Russian, that to keep track of Cortex’x antics.  In the last few minutes I have seen that Cortex is complaining about Amazon’s move into Queen.  Complained that see can’t afford to rent in DC, and has already staged a sit-in in front of future Speaker Tablecloth’s office.

  2. So, 1st Moonbeam VETOs the Bi Partisan Law that would have let PG&E et al decontaminate the wildlands.

    Then MoonBeam and his little bluebonnets announce PG&E gonna get fined and the State will take the money for MoonBeam’s retirement.

    Ummm, where PG&E gonna get the $$$ to give MoonBeam?

    Then Californicate holds a ballot box stuffing contest. 

    Then god punished Califools with a previsit to Hell event.
    UNION Califool Firefighters are already pissin on Trump for telling truth. 

    Forgive me for enjoying watching.
    Can these flames be directed toward the Border to cook MS 13 cuisine?

    How will Team Blue blame Trump?

    This is way better than what Hollywierd normally puts out.