Future Speaker Table Cloth, b/k/a Nancy Pelosi, has yet to decide on the curtains for her old and now new office, and President Donny has struck. 

From the top.  Done, the Presidents has asked for and received Attorney General Jeff Sessions resignation.  In turn the President has designated Sessions Chief of Staff, Matthew G. Whitaker, as Acting Attorney General.  Then Senate Minority Leader, Chuckles Schumer, has soiled his nappies and demanded that Whitaker also recuse himself.  Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein has a White House meeting.

Reported, Rosenstein has been removed from oversight of the Mueller probe.  Mueller to report to AG Whitaker.  Rosenstein to resign within two weeks.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades.

2 Responses to “Sessions, Whitaker, Schumer, Rosenstein And Mueller”

  1. Sessions should have been canned the moment e recused himself.  Rosenstein should have been out the moment Trump took the oath of office.

  2. Full daylight needs to shine on Rosensteins spending on this “investigation”
    Who got paid and how much?