With regard to Thousand Oaks, and the steady drumbeat coming from the idiots about “reasonable gun control”…
Very few people will argue that California is not the most left-leaning state in the nation. Presumably the existing gun laws in California, which are the strictest anti-gun legislation in the entire country, are considered reasonable by the left-leaning voters there.
And yet, this happened.
So the lesson by any reasonable standard would be that there are some things that laws cannot cure. Particularly when they’re not even applied.

So essentially, what we have here is a failure of government. You know, the government we’re supposed to be so dependent upon.

One Response to “” Reasonable Gun Control””

  1. Califoolya has become little more than a bad example to be cited and isolated, sort of the MRSA of the continent.
    They have water laws and regulations out the yingyang since the Depression, but they can’t keep their dams together.  No money they say, but when the dam lets go they got money to fix it.
    They got air contamination laws up to their noses, but they only selectively enforce them.  Why aren’t they CARB compliant with all the damn fires currently making illegal smoke?
    They had a gun law making extended magazines illegal.  There were at least 5 cops in that bar, why did they all fail to arrest the shooter as son as he walked in with an extended magazine?

    Laws are only good when they are enforced, but Califoolya won’t enforce their Laws because it costs money to jail criminals. 

    It’s time for 49 States to conduct a vote.  Show all costs expended in Califoolya and vote on do they stay or do they go/ Mexico wants the land, my feeling is let them have it and cut our losses.  We can even throw in Cuomo at no charge.