* If I’m reading these statistics correctly, it takes slightly more than 80 million dollars to brainwash the entire state of Texas.

* Apparently, believing the Survivor has its costs.

* Moveon.org who ironically has not been able to move on from the loss of Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, and who is funded by George Soros, is apparently planning protests around the country against the firing of Jeff Sessions. Apparently, they know their narrative is in serious trouble.

* Attention Jim Acosta You’re not a journalist… in any sense of the word….you’re a petulant child in need of a serious spanking.

* Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg Falls, breaks three ribs. It’s long past time for her to go, but the bottom line is she won’t because she recognizes that an actual constitutional original list will take her place.

* We always knew this was going to happen, and in fact I wrote about it here… You can forget the Democrats trying to work with the Republicans. the only time Democrats are worried about bipartisanship is when it helps them maintain their power. Jerry Nadler lets slip that the Democrats will be the party of obstruction. Somehow I don’t think this is going to play all that well for them, and the signs of that are in the numbers of this most recent midterm election.

*I’m watching with interest as the story out in Thousand Oaks California develops.  I am left with the observation is that for an inordinately long period of time, we were not getting any information whatsoever about the identity of the shooter or their motives.

We have seen so often in the past where this information gets buried so answer protective political Viewpoint or the religion of Peace which essentially is the same thing, that I become instinctively suspicious when that information is not immediately forthcoming. I doubt I’m alone in that. And, no, you’re right. I don’t trust the media in these matters and I particularly don’t trust the government in California, with both of those factors, mistrust is a given.

* Did you know that the United States is producing a record amount of crude oil at this point? It kind of slipped past most of the media who are focused on restoring what they consider to be the proper order of things politically. But guess what? With that amount of oil coming out of our wells,we can play hardball with places like Iran, and for that matter the rest of OPEC. Which is probably why you haven’t heard much about it. They would just as soon we didn’t.

One Response to “Random Noise”

  1. Look at RBG’s fall as test of your humanity.  On the Christian side, it is only right to extend sympathy to an eighty-five year old women with three broken ribs.  On the Antifa like side, RBG is receiving better healthcare than she would ever allow to use.  RBG is all in for NHS.  If she had the same healthcare she would allow us, she would not getting any.

    That said, maybe we need to extend that 25th amendment to the Supreme Court.