So now we see Muller is trying to involve Julian Assange and Wikileaks into the Russian collusion story. This is desperation on stilts.

Is revealing in their own words how corrupt the Democrats are… (and then letting the voters decide how to respond to that information)… collusion with a foreign power, or is it what the supposed mainstream media would be doing, if they were chasing Republicans?

Face it guys, those e-mails got out because of the absolutely horrendous (to the point of being non-existent) security on DNC servers.

Rather like the security that the Chinese we’re able to bypass on the computer systems of other democrats for example Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and so on.

And then of course there’s the non-existent security on the bathroom server of Hillary Clinton which the Chinese also had Direct access to, as did the Russians and everybody else on the planet, it would seem.

But we’re spending our time chasing Julian Assange. Why? Because Democrats got hurt by their own stupidity and somebody has to pay.

But when the country gets hurt by the Democrats lack of security and the Democrats are still in power, it all magically goes away.

Funny, that…