So the General Motors answer to the East German Trabant, the Chevy volt, is no more. With yesterday comes the news that they’re discontinuing that and it’s stablemate the Chevy Cruze…

Of course this is the car that Obama promised to buy… And then bought many thousands of them, with your money, in an effort to promote the thing.

Leaving aside arguments about its lack of build quality which believe me I’m sympathetic to, the fact of the matter is this thing was powered by coal. Coal that, of course it’s Chief promoter, Barack Hussein Obama, had declared war on.

The real story here of course is government-mandated fuel economy, a subject I’ve written of previously.

The real problem of course is the governmental “too big to fail” complex, along with a certain Democrat Party affection for unions in the most they bring in when their backs get scratched, as the UAW certainly did in this case.

Now, of course, reality has begun to set in. Nobody’s buying the cars the government wants them to buy… the build quality is absolute garbage, you can’t fit a family into those things, the reason that they were built in the first place has turned out to be a complete farce that is global warming. If you don’t what I’m saying please take note of the idea that Ford did the same thing a few months ago…. The only cars that are going to survive this purge in the Ford line are the mustang and trucks.

Put simply the American car manufacturers cannot survive with the business being redesigned as the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress redesigned it this is precisely what I’ve been saying since 2009… And the reality of it all has finally taken hold.

Next step? American car makers refusing to sell their vehicles in the people’s republic of California. I’m telling you, it’s going to happen.

One Response to “Less Voltage”

  1. Amusing thought experiment, what would be the United Auto Workers, and democrat reaction to General Motors being back the Volt, as a Saturn?  Please pass the popcorn.