So now the CNN cry babies are complaining that Jim Acosta’s career is over.

Well, boo hoo. He deserved it.First of all you’re not the news, the news is. That’s step number one being a news person. His ego got in his way on that one.

Then getting abusive to the White House staffer on video? Absolutely stupid. Particularly from somebody that has been supposedly champion of women’s rights and so on.

I’ve even heard a number of people today complaining Trump removed his press pass because he didn’t like where the questions were going.

Let’s nip that one right now. His questions are no more or less frantic, obnoxious, one sided, conspiracy laden claptrap than they have been since the beginning. If Trump had wanted to remove Jim Acosta from the White House Press Corps because of the kind of questions that he was asking, he could have done so along time ago and probably should have. As it is, Acosta was given enough rope to hang himself with. And Acosta obliged.

As it stands, CNN can’t use him, nor can any of the other left-leaning networks. His political Pursuits have turned them into the ultimate pariah.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

but don’t shed any tears for him. I’m sure the next Democrat president will welcome him back to the White House, after all he’s so dependable in defending Democrats.