It has been said that continuing to do the same thing without achieving desired outcomes is a sign of insanity. As for California Governor Jerry Brown, a/k/a Governor Moonbeam, the cause of seemingly every problem is Anthropogenic Global Warming, from Watts Up with That, forward by Paul Driessen:

Over 8,000 homes and businesses have been reduced to ashes and rubble by the latest California conflagrations. Well over 60 people have perished, over 50,000 are homeless, hundreds remain missing. “This is the new abnormal,” Governor Jerry Brown insists. “Dryness, warmth, drought, all those things are going to intensify,” because of climate change. Even if we do more on forest management, that won’t stop climate change. “And those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies.”
Those assertions have no basis in fact. The hard, incontrovertible reality is that California has always been a largely arid state, afflicted by prolonged droughts, interspersed with periods of intense rainfall, and buffeted almost every autumn by strong winds that can whip forest fires into infernos. The problem isn’t climate change. It’s ideological, even criminally incompetent forest management practices demanded by politicians, regulators, judges and environmentalists
in recent decades. My article presents the real story.

Click on link for full article. Note the owner of the WUWT lives in Chico,California, shown in the middle left side of the articles first picture.

One Response to “Governor Moonbeam, Camp Fire And Climate Change”

  1. It seldom gets mentioned and certainly the Press is loathe to point out, that the fire occurred on State Forest land, not federal Forest land. Meaning, it was not the federal government… who owns a good deal of the land out there …that was responsible for the fires getting as far out of control as they did. It was the areas managed by the state where the fires took place.