So now I see Germany’s Angela Merkel making noises similar to France’s Marcon just so that she can once insult Donald Trump. She wants to see a European Army as well, she says.

Ponder this question seriously…Given the influx of Islam in both France and Germany to say nothing of England, one wonders how many of the soldiers in this new Army will be Islamic? Do these morons understand the threat that this represents to themselves and remainder of the world?

Speaking of England, Michael Yon looks at that and says:

Britain backs down in the face an of enemy who smells fear

This is a stark acknowledgement that Britain has given sanctuary and citizenship to enemies whose strength it fears.

Anyone who would imprison and kill a woman for the alleged crime of blasphemy should be considered an enemy of civilization.

And yet here is the UK, blinking in the face of growing tyranny within its own borders. Blood in the water.

Backing down to mob rule.

Accepting sharia as the law of the land.

Will British just give them the keys? Will British fight for Britain, or be bred and voted out of relevancy?

Poland and Japan are not burdened with these decisions.

And that’s what’s happening all over Europe. It’s a little late to be raising your own armies, you idiots. The enemy is already inside the gates.

Of course that makes the Assumption this wasn’t the plan all along. And you know, I’m beginning to wonder about that one.