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Reagan’s 11th commandment works when the people that fell in love with government weren’t so prevalent in the GOP.

Remember that the GOP establishment wasn’t too happy about Reagan either, and has spent the last 40 years trying to erase his legacy.

McCain was one of these and I will not hide my absolute disgust with him and his ilk. John Kasich is another one but that’s another post.

The truth of the matter is McCain should have been shot as a traitor to the country. It took Richard Milhous Nixon (a California liberal) to put a stop to that. It’s my position that was a worse crime than Watergate… And the negative consequences lasted far longer.

And it’s funny how McCain forgot that 11 commandment. Wasn’t he supposed to be supporting Republicans? If he was taking Reagan’s 11th commandment seriously, how to explain his spending all of his time working against Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and anyone outside of the establishment?

These days the left-leaning of the establishment Republicans has gotten to the point where the 11th commandment should be put on pause. Solutions to problems (and believe me the establishment GOP is a problem) requires proper problem identification.

Allow a metaphoric example:

Speaking kindly about McCain is something akin to answering in the negative when asked “do these pants make my ass look fat?”

The truth is your ass would look fat regardless what you wore, so no, those pants don’t make your ass look fat.

The trouble is not labeling the establishment GOP as the problem is far more consequential than hurt feelings.

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  1. The open question and frightening possibility is Romney will replace the Admiral’s boy Reverse Ace as the Hemmorhoid of the Senate.