The new House will be under democrat control, with an old leadership team, from Daily Wire:

President Trump just got an early Christmas present.


For Trump, though, losing the House — but getting Pelosi back as a target for 2020 — is a dream come true. And he knows it.

Speaker Tablecloth is back.

One Response to “All Hail the Democrats And Bring on the Election”

  1. Dance quietly young man

    While the R side jumped for joy over low losses the Bluebells took Scott Walker out and replaced him with a UNION teacher Blood feud come to mind?

    Cuomo won NY with 6 cities and no other votes.

    Dems continue to import voters to Texas and Arizona.

    Team R remains forbidden to challenge fraudulent blue registrations by the 82 Consent Decree.

    Many traps await red people who stop to relax. 
    If Texas goes blue the nation is lost.