For the last 40 years every GOP judicial candidate has gone through a certain amount of democrat crazy, the level of which has been going up steadily over those years.

I have been saying for well over a year now that the Democrats and their reaction to Trump have precisely zero to do with Trump himself, but rather a protest against the roadblock to Democrat politics.

Similarly, this last month or so had nothing to do with Brett Kavanaugh, per se’ …Rather, it was about an originalist ascending to the highest court in the country thereby blocking Democrat political goals.

On the basis of those observations I submit that if you want to see something even crazier, wait until the next u.s. Supreme Court nomination comes along from this President, as it will within the next year.

One Response to “You Just Wait. It’s Going to Get Crazier.”

  1. Democraps have long relied on the Courts to get what they couldn’t or didn’t dare legislate. 
    This latest brawl wasn’t about the Nominee, it was about hopefully retaining their power within the Courts.
    This Justice will likely sit on the Court minimally 30 years if not more.

    The balance of Democrap use of the Courts is now precarious.  1 if not 2 more D appointments are in bad health and likely to fall off the bench in Trumps remaining years. 

    They threw the kitchen sink at this guy, and now they’re looking to Election Day to see if the Voters let that behavior slide.  If Democraps aren’t punished on Election day they’ll be at the guano mines to load for the next nominee.  What comes after 2018 is clearly the voter’s choice.

    We’re 1 month out from Election Day and 90% of people I encounter have no damn idea Kristin Jiggleband is standing for reelection, let alone that she has a Repub opponent.  The only R candidate making any noise, all be it a whisper is Maxwell. 

    Will the annoyance of the Scummer run hearings stay with enough people to Election Day, or will it fall off the Radar?