The story in South Florida is still unfolding… and I expect you’re probably following the story anyway so it’s pretty much useless my putting up links to it just now.

But there’s still a number of things that leap to the front here that nobody’s mentioned so far. I’ll list a few of them here.

The Democrats of course are leaping in front of any microphone or camera they can find to denounce Republicans as inherently violent, that this is all because of Donald Trump, and so on. Pretty much standard play for them anymore. The thing is, how is the supposed hate and violence directed at Democrats, any different from the hate that we’ve seen directed at Trump and anyone who dares to support him for the last 6 months by the very same Democrats who are out there crying foul today?

And speaking of Violence by Democrats why didn’t we hear about this attack?

Security footage released by prosecutors on Wednesday shows the shootout between a former porn star and cops that occurred earlier this year in Miami.On May 18, 2018, Jonathan Oddi, a former adult film actor, broke into the Trump National Doral Miami resort and began pacing, barefoot, in the lobby. Witnesses to the event said Oddi was “making disparaging remarks about” President Donald Trump, according to NBC.Oddi, 42 can be seen in the footage dragging a large American flag with him and holding a gun. He unfurls the flag on the resort’s concierge desk and angrily shoves a cannister off the end of the desk.The footage then shows him leaning against that desk and putting on socks before spreading out the flag and attempting to reach the security camera. Oddi unfurls the flag some more and smashes the resort’s front desk computers before police arrive outside.At first, Oddi puts the gun down and puts his arms in the air, but then picks the gun up and begins shooting at the officers, using the desk as cover. After some back-and-forth shooting, Oddi takes off into the hotel, still firing. He briefly slips on the hotel’s floors as officers pursue. He then runs up a flight of stairs and knocks over some furniture before an officer is able to arrest him.

Ask yourself now, Would this have occurred absent the spectacle that was the Brett Kavanaugh circus for example?

Would either of these actions, the pipe bomb mailings or the incident I cited above have occurred absent various Democrats calling for incivility and violence against anyone who refuses to chant their manttra?

It’s as Andy McCarthy said in the article I quoted just yesterday…

There is plenty of media commentary at the moment about incivility, in the form of incendiary rhetoric and actions. This is entirely appropriate. But I’m at a loss to understand how the climate is improved by spicing up reports with thinly veiled suggestions that President Trump may have triggered a series of potentially murderous attacks on political opponents. When Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson opened fire on the Republicans he targeted and nearly killed Representative Steve Scalise, I don’t recall much Timesspeculation about whether he could have been set him off by Democrats urging their supporters to get aggressive — “get in their face”; “if they bring a knife, we bring a gun” — when dealing with political adversaries..

In doing some digging I found the following….

According to, he’s never donated to any politicians but his mother madeline gave to joe kennedy (D) in the 90s’.

He claims to be Seminole. His twitter was still up as of a few hours ago. He joined in ’16, only follows lefties and some sports, does not follow Trump.

His tweets are to do mostly with corrupt democrats..many identical posts – over and over, few pro-Trump.

There’s two different hits from the same website within minutes of each other.

I will leave you to your own conclusions about this data so far but I have to tell you ….something about this whole thing stinks to high heaven.