Call me crazy if you like but personally I find it stretches credulity that a caravan of Hondurans got together and planned a March, a mass migration into the US and managed in that process to alert all the u.s. leftist Press to their entry points and all right before the election.

I smell George Soros.


Question, how far does the left wing press extend? Answer, far enough to include CBS News, from Sundance(Last Refuge}:

Organized Honduran Migrant Caravan Attempts to Reach U.S. Border to Coordinate with Mid-Term Election…

Last week there were six unique encounters between President Trump and U.S. journalists where the topic of illegal aliens and family border separations was brought up. It seemed odd at the time because the issue has not been a topic within discussion. These exchanges culminated in CBS correspondent Leslie Stahl asking the same question repeatedly during a 60 minutes interview on Sunday night.

When the leftarded media is acting like puppets, it is right to look for the puppet master.