* What does Joe Manchin have on Chuck Schumer? Why is it this guy isn’t getting death threats?

* The amount of crazy coming off the left has been ramping up for the last 35 or 40 years now. Every single president over that time has been labeled Adolf Hitler. It’s gotten to the point where it’s rather expected… Anything that doesn’t throw the Democrat Party Line gets that label. After watching the Brett Kavanaugh debacle, one wonders just how much more crazy they can go. With Hillary Clinton essentially cheering the end of Civility, I strongly suspect that we’re about to get a demonstration of it. Does the knob go up to 12?

* Through experimentation I have found a way to shut down completely anyone making the argument that women should be the leaves even if there is no evidence to back the charge. Just wave a picture of Crystal Mangum.

* The big problem with telling Taylor Swift and Bette Midler to shut up and sing, is that they can’t do that, either.

And finally….

* Political correctness has led us to this pass, where are are told all cultures are equal. The weeds, in effect, are equal to the flowers. And of course the weeds, which now have that leg up, if you will, are pushing the idea that the flowers are the problem.

Back when we fought the Nazis, one of the things we fought for was the American way of life. Our culture, in short. We cultivate that garden, our culture, no longer. Is it any wonder the weeds are doing so well?

2 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. Anybody who tells you that “All cultures are equal” is either a fool or a liar.  I say the latter.  Find any SJW and ask if the slave owning culture of the antebellum South is the equal of contemporary culture.  If all cultures were somehow equal, then it would be pointless at attempt to change culture, for the new culture could neither be any better or worse than the old one.

  2. You boys are a bit young to remember first hand when Alynski was sorting this approach out in Rochester.

    What you’re watching is a combination of programs Alynski read in SunTsu’s book
    modified for era and location.

    It’s sort of like flinging spaghetti against the wall behind the stove to see if the pasta is cooked.  If it sticks it’s good and next week you add another layer.

    Comparing one era to another don’t float unless you make considerable adjustments for calendar date.

    Look back to why a man named Capra made movies to motivate US warriors.