Just some random thoughts that I wanted to capture.

# I’m firmly convinced that the reason feminists hate men, (and there can be no other term for it) is because they surround themselves with liberal men. Who, aren’t really men, at all.

# It interests me that the Democrats didn’t get around to making the charge against Brett Kavanaugh about perjury in front of the senate committee, until such time as Christine Ford changed the story she told in the sworn statement, thereby exposing herself to perjury charges. This looks to be right out of Saul Alinsky’s Playbook… Charge others with what you’re guilty of.

# Speaking of which, and looking back through time I see I have made mention of the fact that the left was more annoyed with Mike Pence remaining stubbornly loyal to his wife then they were with Harvey Weinstein and his antics. Given what we saw the Democrats are capable of in the Kavanaugh hearings, maybe what Pence had going was not all that bad an idea.

# I see Al Gore is out there trying to resuscitate the global warming myth. Apparently we only have until 2005 to save the planet. If people truly understood science, the global warming myth would have been dealt with by a firing squad or three.

# So, over in the UK, they’ve apparently got a killer clown problem. One of them tried to attack a driver there outside Bolton. You know, the most terrifying thing for me about killer clowns is they could all be showing up in one car.

# I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. John Bolton needs to be our representative to the UN. And if we’re smart about it he will be the last one. I’ll tell you the truth… the interest of world peace and helping the poor would be better served by evicting the UN from Turtle Bay and turning the place into low-income housing.

One Response to “Random Noise”

  1. Eric as you transit the highways and roads of America should you spot a carload of clowns coming up in the mirror please pull the box over them.

    Carloads of clowns are nothing but trouble and you can do the Nation a great service.

    As you write the report include seeing a ball bounce in front of the truck and taking near automatic action to avoid the ball because you presumed a child might follow said ball.