I know I’ve already addressed these points, but I think it’s worth the effort to point to the confirmation of what I said the other day. Read this entire article.

“On Aug. 28, 2018, Khashoggi published an article for The Washington Post titled “The U.S. is wrong about the Muslim Brotherhood — and the Arab world is suffering for it.” In it, he blames the United States’ aversion to the Muslim Brotherhood for the “loss of a great opportunity to reform the entire Arab world and allow a historic change that might have freed the region from a thousand years of tyranny.”


“Get that? It is the Sharia supremacist Muslim Brotherhood that in Khashoggi’s view would have “liberated” the Arab world.”

Well, the obvious response is that it should be no shock to anybody why the left in this country find Khashoggi’s killing, if killing it was (where’s the evidence?) so problematic.

But I’m beginning to think that this is only the second part of the story. The first part …..and this is I will more than grant, a conjecture… The outrage from the American left over this thing has more than taken on an air of being scripted. Almost like the whole thing was planned in advance.

This this isn’t rocket science, kids. Somebody wanted to yank back on the reins of the Crown Prince, and to spoil the broth between that reformer in the Islamic world, and the American president that they don’t like. (Remember my friends, that the Muslim Brotherhood is desperate to keep any of the modern world that they can out of the area of sphere of influence.)

The American left has already demonstrated its ability to convict without any evidence (ala Brett Kavanaugh). what better way to accomplish all these goals then to try to pin the murder on the Crown Prince and/or his subordinates?

And how do you do that in terms of American public opinion? Why it’s simple. Simply engage your fellow Travelers in the US press. Ignore for the moment, that such killings in the Middle East are fairly common and never seem to raise an eyebrow among the American press. Get one or two to howling indignation, and the rest will follow suit. That pattern is all too well established.

And Presto change-o, not only do we have a roadblock to dragging the Islamic World Kicking and Screaming into the 21st century, (as the Crown Prince has long intended) we get to toss insults at Donald Trump, various Republican Congress Critters, and the West in general, thereby supporting the Democrat Party…

And meanwhile just what gets taken off the table? That’s right, the spectacle that was the Kavanaugh hearings. The idea that in that case the Democrats well overplayed their hand.

After watching the Democrats operates these last couple of years, I tell you I wouldn’t put them above any of this. All in all, I smell a Soros operation or at the least, somebody with a significant amount of money and well-established resources to be able to pull off this kind of thing.

Many thanks to Connie Brimmer for pointing this article out.

PS:. If it all sounds fantastic to you, how many of you figured the Democrats would go quite as far as they did these last couple of years? We all should have learned by now not to underestimate them

3 Responses to “Khashoggi Part Two”

  1. Might I suggest that the WaPo send all their columnists to Pakistan to investigate Jamal Khashoggi’s apparent death.

  2. Lets not forget the Crown Prince has made a few plane loads of enemies in Saudi, including a goodly number of members of the Royal Family he “Imprisoned” in a 5 star hotel and forcibly extorted a portion of their personal fortunes from.

    Khashoggi was little more than an annoying pissant who was also an available target. 

    The timing worked out nicely for the Clinton Crime Family and their slugs known as the Democrap Party to divert attention from their last fiasco.

    As Ram Cantrunshity once said, Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  3. There are many levels to this.

    First I will suggest that blaming the Saudi government as a whole as I have seen happened several times these last couple of days for 911 or any other international incident is rather like blaming the US government for the documents that Feinstein held onto and handled improperly or Hillary Clinton destroying all those emails.

    Secondly there is Turkish involvement in this and I’m quite sure that if we dig far enough we’re going to find out that the Iranians were involved as well.

    I’m finally I’m going to point out something that may have slipped everybody else’s attention. But I want you guys to consider this seriously.

    The spectacle that was the Kavanaugh hearing

    The Invasion coming in from the south with connections to George Soros backed groups

    The business with khashoggi.

    I’ll warn you right now that these are not organic events. They were scripted… With a specific purpose in mind.