You know what. For a sick man, Ace sure was a way with words:

Elizabeth Warren Proudly Releases Test Results Proving She Has Less Indian DNA Than the Average Non-Indian White Person

For our math fans out there, Paceface’s potential Native American ancestry is circa 0.098%.

Addendum, Eric

I was going post comments of my own but I see David’s beat me to it, so I’ll simply add them here.

The woman has been lying about this all along because she thinks she’s going to get a pass in some way. Just like Obama lied about being a foreign exchange student. Why would he do that? Same reason. Because it has advantages. Financial advantages, political advantages, and so on.

In an attempt to supposedly prove she’s been telling the truth all this time, in an obvious attempt to prepare for running for president in 2020, the Woman releases a test that shows clearly that she’s been lying, and is in fact whiter than milk on rice… whiter than LED lighting, and whiter than the sheets at a KKK rally.

The bottom line is Elizabeth Warren tried to double down on a stupid lie, and it blew up in her face.

I mean, you can’t write stuff funnier than this… And the comments that are coming off of the situation are just pure gold.

Sean over at RealClearPolitics for example;

People are missing the forest for the trees in this Warren thing. If “I’m 1/1024th Native American pay up Trump neener neener ” is really how she plans to run a campaign, she will get shredded, at least relative to Democratic potential as decided by the economy, etc.

Rich Lowry agrees saying in part:

Elizabeth Warren hasn’t dealt with a problem, she has highlighted it and opened up other avenues for attack. For Trump, 1/1024th will be priceless material

And apparently sensing just how thin the list of available people to run in 2020 is for the Democrats, left has already come out defending this insane action…

But you know, I’m starting to think that perhaps the result of all of this is going to be a little bit more immediate than 2020. When her current constituents read for themselves that she’s been feeding them a bald-faced lie for years now, I wonder what their reaction will be?

At the very least, the list of viable Democratic candidates for 2020 just got thinner by that much.

One Response to “Just Call Her Paleface”

  1. Remember back to your youthful paranoia when you could have added your mother’s uncle Juan to your job application but didn’t cause you were dumb enough to think somebody might check? 

    Seems to have worked well for Pokie at Havaddd.

    And lets not forget her parents had to run off to get married.  I wonder which was running from a community group with a rope.