A short while ago the headlines were full of Amazon raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour. First of all, it seems to me that if you want to get along in the political environment, you play the game that the people in power want. Into a large degree that’s still the Democrats, particularly in California. Washington State. And, so on.

So this is Jeff Bezos playing the same game that Donald Trump played in New York City when he was concentrated on doing business there and not running politically. That bubble is well satisfied by that move. The left is praising Jeff Bezos for doing this, and yet Glenn bass did Donald Trump for playing the same game.

However, the real reason that Jeff Bezos is doing this, is to put pressure on small businesses which are a large part of his competition.  This is not a matter of raising all boats, and helping employees of small businesses everywhere. This is a matter of wiping out your competition.

Most small businesses are not going to be able to afford the kind of increases that were talking about here and as a result will eventually go out of business and probably bankrupt their owners. And since the majority of businesses in the country are small businesses what do you suppose that does for the economy?

Works out fine for Jeff Bezos cuz he can handle it out of hand. works out nicely for the Democrats he’s placating, too, because big business is easier to regulate than small ones and overwhelmingly donate to the Democrat Party.

The results of this stuff is eminently predictable.