I’ve been saying for a long time now that China is the real problem here, not Russia. Manipulating elections? Child’s Play.

One of the most prominent “research” groups behind the attacks on conservative free speech on the Internet this year is a company called “New Knowledge.” But now a new review of the company shows that one of its biggest backers is one of our biggest international opponents, the Chinese Government.

New Knowledge co-founder Jonathon Morgan describes his company as a “cybersecurity company specializing in disinformation defense for highly visible brands under attack by coordinated disinformation campaigns. Through machine learning and Ai, we detect threats and provide brand manipulation protection before damage is done.”

It is this “disinformation” that New Knowledge has been hired to root out and it is their work that has served as a basis for attacks on conservatives by The Washington Post and The Atlantic, not to mention the efforts by Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others to eliminate conservatives from the Internet.

This is precisely what I’ve been saying all along.