First let’s take a static shot of the rally, run by Barack Obama just yesterday.

46 people. That’s all he could manage. It was a little over, but most of them were press, 57 is the number I see being used… Another 14 were Secret Service or janitors. People that actually came to see the man? 46 people.

In Houston meanwhile, a couple of days ago, President Trump had a little rally himself. 100,000 people showed up… To a venue that couldn’t hold 10% of that. Here’s a look at some of the folks that were inside.

…and a few more who didn’t make it in…

I have to tell you my friends …the last time I saw this degree of disparity in support numbers was incidental to Ronald Reagan’s reelection campaign.

Am I suggesting that Donald Trump is the next Ronald Reagan? No. Long time readers of this site will know better.

What I’m suggesting is the predictions of a Blue Wave are really just Democrats trying to create their own reality. I mean, are you going to believe the Democrats or are you going to believe your own Lying Eyes?