So now we see the worst president in American history hitting the campaign Trail again.

he was out in California the other day saying he wanted people to vote and to bring back some sanity to American politics. Of course, he wants to have everyone vote Democrat.. which of course is the opposite of Sanity, particularly in California, the poster child for voting anything but Democrat.

But what is the real motivation here? What is it that is bringing Obama out to break long-standing tradition where American Presidents once they’re in office don’t tend to come out to campaign events?

I dare to submit to you the idea that the reason Obama is doing this is desperation. Self-protection. the Obama spy Scandal, where Obama and his Justice Department’s and his FBI were spying on any opponent of Hillary Clinton particularly Donald Trump is in the process of being laid bare. Obama knows he’s going to be in serious trouble if this investigation continues in the only way to stop that is to get Democrats in office insufficient number to make sweeping those events under the rug possible.