The Press has been telling us for some time that they feel threatened when people like Donald Trump say that the Press is the enemy of the people.

But let’s Ponder this for a moment. There have been numerous credible threats against Fox News, and none against NBC ABC CBS CNN MSNBC the New York Times The Washington Post and so on.

We’re told that freedom of speech is being threatened. But who is actually had their freedom of speech removed by those lights? Oh yeah, Alex Jones and innumerable conservatives on Facebook on Twitter and so on.

So what’s really happening here? Is this Alinsky writ large? Is this simply a matter of accusing your opponent with what you’re doing to them?

One Response to “The Press Feels Threatened Supposedly. But are They Really?”

  1. Pure Alinski slightly refined over the years.

    Saul swiped some from SunTsu and some from others and adapted.

    Find an easy enemy and destroy him.
    Alex Jones is an easy enemy, really low budget by comparison to the next tier of media, and really a little known backwater player. Alex Jones doesn’t have a staff of lawyers previewing every word he says, and is vulnerable.  Jacuse and Jacuse loudly across the network of dullards who believe in the Clinton Crime family and set the mob into motion against advertisers.  Kill the revenue stream. 

    US “Media” has lived in fear of Lawyers for 30 years.  If there is any chance of suit a good story will be killed.

    The Internet has just made the game faster and nastier.  Anybody can play now.

    Until 6 months ago a Town Supervisor and his Assistant were being raked over the coals here on both Facebook and a couple websites.  Questions like What does Michelle do for $126,000 a year PLUS vehicle were getting loud.  Oddly, letters threatening litigation shut both critical sites down.  Both sites were ignorant of Case Law stating a Public Figure cannot be harassed under NY Law.  Scared and run off.

    I’m sure you remember the tactics used against a certain AM station in Rochester primarily because that station was up for License Renewal.
    Jacuse!  Shout it from the top of Cobbs hill, and scare every station in town.