Interesting note from Liz Sheild, today:

Missouri’s embattled Democrat senator broke the news last night that she’s not voting for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Yes, she’s a Democrat — but she’s running in a state that voted for Trump over Hillary by 18 points.

This political move is remarkable, but McCaskill’s reasoning proved even more remarkable. You see, this embattled Democrat senator swears — she swears, mind you — that this decision has nothing — nothing — to do with the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. Uh huh.

Well, in this case it probably doesn’t have anything to do with those allegations because they aren’t going to pan out. As I suggested yesterday, the reason that Feinstein sat on those allegations for so long is she didn’t buy them, either. She and the remainder of the Democrats only went with them because they didn’t have anything else to throw at Kavenaugh.

But of course that begs the question….

If it’s not about the assault allegations, what is it about? Try not to laugh: dark money.

Yeah, no kidding.

There are large amounts of money coming from people like Soros, in a desperate attempt to keep the US Supreme Court from leaning towards an originalist perspective. This has nothing to do with Trump per se. If it did we wouldn’t have been seeing these tactics being used the last few decades at least. The fact is, we have been seeing them all along.

Consider closely, the cases of Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, and now Brett Kavanaugh. The more originalist the nominee, the louder the Democrats get. It’s to the point now we’re even Justice Ginsburg has expressed dismay at the Democrats and their tactics.

3 Responses to “The Claire McCaskill Saga”

  1. Robert Bork was a great jurist.  He had miserable stage presence.  He had that hideous cropped goatee, lurked forward when he talked, and was about as charming a longhorn steer.  It does seem that post Bork nominees seemed to have selected in part on the basis of their charm.  It may have been evolution, but it was not progress.

  2. It seems the gigantic Inturdnet scrubadubon the complaining female with the fake Doctorate went bad.
    The cleaners couldn’t erase
    Even worse, somebody anticipated the move and posted a copy of this delicate flower of femininity’s HS Yearbook.

    All that Soros money spent and now DiFi is hiding behind the potted plant.
    Where the hell does Team R get off defending their nominee?
    It almost looks like somebody found a set of balls.

  3. OOPSIE, something else she couldn’t scrub

    According to a Palo Alto University document from 2015 (see page 97), Christine Blasey, Ph.D. is a professor at Palo Alto University and a “Director of Biostatistics at Corcept Therapeutics.” As “Blasey CM,” Christine Blasey Ford, whose middle name is Margaret, co-authored 8 research papers with Corcept Therapeutics, which manufacturers and markets an RU-486 abortion pill, mifepristone. As 19888560, Blasey also appears on numerous published studies at PubMed — all funded by Corcept Therapeutics. Mike Adams of Natural News points out: