So yet another of the protected class is claiming that the reason that they lost was because the judges and the rules were totally unfair, sexist, racist, fill in the blank.

Hillary Clinton was unavailable for comment.

2 Responses to “Tennis Anyone?”

  1. Mrs. B.J. Clinton must be proud.  Serena Williams get beaten by a younger more talented player, and the first thing Williams did was throw a hissy fit.  Tennis is a young person’s game, and Williams is not young.

  2. I’m old.  I remember when the Williams sisters were hauled out of Watts by a tennis pro intent on proving he could build tennis pros out of Black ghetto kids, and that tennis wasn’t just a rich white kid’s game.

    Sort of looks like you can haul the girl out of the ghetto, but you can’t haul ghetto out of the girl.

    For a Million bucks I can study if the cause is genetic or rearing.