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So now we know what ‘the resistance’ really is. It’s the establishment. It’s the old political order. It’s that late 20th-century political set, those out-of-touch managerial elites, who still cannot believe the electorate rejected them. That is the take-home message of the bizarre political spectacle that was the burial of John McCain, where this neocon in life has been transformed into a resistance leader in death: that while the anti-Trump movement might doll itself up as rebellious, and even borrow its name from those who resisted fascism in Europe in the mid 20th-century, in truth it is primarily about restoring the apparently cool, expert-driven rule of the old elites over what is viewed as the chaos of the populist Trump / Brexit era.

But, let’s cut to the chase:

The New Yorker piece, like so much of the McCain commentary, praises to the heavens the anti-Trump theme of McCain’s funeral. McCain famously said Trump couldn’t attend his funeral. And that in itself was enough to win him the posthumous love of a liberal commentariat that now views everything through the binary moral framework of pro-Trump (evil, ill-informed, occasionally fascistic) and anti-Trump (decent, moral, on a par with the warriors against Nazism). Even better, though, was the fact that orators at the funeral, including McCain’s daughter Meghan and both Bush and Obama, used the church service to slam Trumpism, without explicitly mentioning it, and in the process to big-up what came before Trumpism, which of course was their rule, their politics, their establishment. The Washington political and media set might seem bitterly bipartisan, said the New Yorkerwriter, but it is also ‘more united’ in one important sense – ‘in its hatred of Donald Trump’.

Hatred of Trump has become the moral glue of the bruised elites who have been either pushed aside or at least dramatically called into question by the populist surge taking hold in the West. And so motored are these people by the shallow moralism of Anti-Trumpism that they are happy to marshal even a life as complex and interesting and flawed as McCain’s to the service of hurting Trump. A former Al Gore adviser, Carter Eskew, wrote in the Washington Post: ‘In death, John McCain is about to exact revenge on Donald Trump.’ Unwittingly revealing the Old Testament streak to the new elite religion of Hating Trump, Eskew said that as ‘McCain ascends to heaven on an updraft of praise, Trump’s political hell on Earth will burn hotter’. On why it suddenly started to rain when McCain’s coffin was brought into the Capitol, a CNN journalist said: ‘The angels were crying.’ What century is this?

The religious allusions, the talk of vengeance against Trump, the misremembering of McCain’s life so that it becomes a moral exemplar against the alleged crimes of Trumpism, exposes the infantile moralism of the so-called resistance. Albert Burneko, assessing some of the madder McCain commentary, says there is now a ‘condition’ that he calls ‘Resistance Brain’, where people display an ‘urge to grab and cling on to anything that seems, even a little bit, like it might be the thing that Finally Defeats Donald Trump’. Even if the thing they’re grabbing on to is actually a bad thing. Like a seemingly endless FBI investigation into the elected presidency. Or George W Bush, whose moral rehabilitation on the back of Anti-Trumpism has been extraordinary. Or neoconservatism: this was the scourge of liberal activists a decade ago, yet now its architects are praised because they subscribe to the religion of Anti-Trumpism. Being against Trump washes away all sins.


But here’s the thing. For all the focusing on Trump, it’s not about Trump and never has been.

Postulate a Ted Cruz presidency. Does anybody truly believe that the reaction to Cruz would be any different than it has been with Donald Trump?

Here it is..Far from being about Donald Trump per se’, this reaction is about anything to the right of Fidel Castro. Anything without the Democrat name in front of it, and without socialist policy attached to it.

Reread that last paragraph.

If there is anything that’s surprising about that last paragraph, it’s that anyone claiming any understanding of all what’s going on in Washington these days, doesn’t understand it.

Once you do understand that, you’ll begin to understand how the establishment of both parties has been working against the people all along.

Why go after Trump particularly? For the same reason that Hitler went after the Jews. You need a target to focus your hatred on. Because Trump happens to be in the White House. And because of the moment he’s the biggest impediment to the advancement of the Democrat liberal agenda… (The position that John McCain could never claimed by the way.)

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  1. CNN obviously falis to factor in the angels might well have been pissin on Admiral McCain’s baby boy as he richly deserved, or could it have been crewmembers of Forestall?