First the ground rules. One the one study rule. It is a known fact that one study proves everything. Two, the Arthur Kellerman Rule, correlation is the same a causation, from Red State:

One of the most celebrated groups in the mainstream media is transgendered people or people who suffer from gender dysphoria.

This lead to transgenderism becoming a fad that had many people claiming to be transgendered, especially among the young. However, data now shows that those young people who do embrace a life of transgenderism seem to have abnormally high suicide rates.

The study comes from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which reveals that half of those who say they are transgendered attempt suicide at a rate of near or at 50 percent[.]

Remember if it only saves but one life. Trannyism kills. Embrace your god given heterosexuality, and live.

One Response to “Heterosexuality: Enjoy Life, Live Long”

  1. BUT for years I’ve been telling women I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body.

    It’s worked for me on several occasions.