Before you donate to a charity, you should know the purpose of the charity and how actually go to the stated purpose. On line donations are no more than a drive-by charity, without the registration and regulation, from NY Post:

A kindhearted homeless veteran who helped a stranded woman with gas money has been left “devastated” after learning that a nearly half-million-dollar fortune he got through GoFundMe is gone, a lawyer for the man revealed Tuesday.

Johnny Bobbitt, a Philadelphia vagrant, only received about $75,000 cash, a camper and a 19-year-old pick-up, out of some $400,000 raised for him by Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico.
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Johnny Bobbitt, left, with Kate McClure and Mark D’Amico
Couple who raised $400K for homeless hero ordered to hand over remaining funds

The couple got the money from some 14,000 online donors, who were moved by the story of Bobbitt giving McClure his last $20 to help her fill up her tank on I-95 earlier this year.

Chris Fallon, an attorney for Bobbitt, said that the couple informed him through their lawyers Tuesday that the rest of the cash was now gone

Maybe the Lord knows where the bulk of the four hundred thousand dollars collected in the name of Johnny Bobbitt went. It did not go to Bobbitt.  Think twice before you wire you good money to a total stranger, no matter how compelling their yarn is.

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  1. Back off Eric.  They lost their jobs with the Clinton Foundation and you damn well don’t want them driving trucks.

    Please send donations to the Eric Halfway House for Girls who WON’T go all the way directly to me, so I can put them in the proper accounts.