While Rod Rosenstein was not an initial participant in the attempted Obama era coup to oust President Donald Trump, Rosenstein is largely responsible Fearless Leader’s, b/k/a Robert Mueller, continuing attempt to oust our forty-fifth President from office, from Last Refuge:

Because [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein either: (a) participated; or (b) was a useful idiot, he has now put himself into a massive position of compromise. His stewardship over the DAG position (which is more powerful due to JS recusal), has failed massively.

And now there’s the stuff behind the declassification directive (temporarily on hold) which makes DAG Rosenstein look even worse.

Either: (a) Rosenstein is more corrupt; or (b) Rosenstein is more stupid.

So Rosenstein wants OUT before it gets worse. According to the New York Times (Team McCabe) the Deputy AG tried to politely resign five times recently. Once to Don McGahn, twice to John Kelly, and twice to President Trump.

It was Rosenstein who unleashed Fearless Leader and his gang of rabid democrat prosecutors.  President Trump needs to hold Rosenstein feet to the fire for Rosenstein to clean up the mess that he created.