You may recall that I’ve repeatedly suggested China might be behind the Russia collusion story and other attempts to remove Trump from office, because they weren’t getting the degree of cooperation out of the Trump Administration that they used to out of Obama and the Clintons and other Democrats.

So now this falls this morning.

China’s government propaganda outlets are actively promoting the anti-President Trump book released this week by Washington Post writer Bob Woodward, called “Fear.”

Two days after excerpts of the book were published, major Chinese state-run propaganda outlets, including China Central Television (CCTV), ran extensive reports on the book on Sept. 6.


I take this as confirmation of my earlier comments on China.

I’ll go one step further here… I am convinced the Democrat Party is linked directly to the Chinese Communist Party and has been since the 80s at least.

Usually when you’re trying to figure out who is responsible for something happening, one of the considerations is who’s going to gain by it. So, who is going to gain by claiming that Russia meddled in our elections and the president that China doesn’t like gained office buy it? Why, China of course. They have the motivation, and they certainly have the means. They have the Democrat Party.

Remember how quickly that Chinese funding the Clinton’s campaign story got quashed a few years ago?

Remember Dianne Feinstein and her Chinese spy driver for over 20 years?

Tip of the iceberg, folks.

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  1. I was going to make a quip about Diane Fineswine.  Alas.  So I settle for Woodward.  Bobby has slipped, no quote from Bob Casey.