Look at the bright side.  There is no evidence that any candles had die in this pointless exercise,From Bearing Arms:

Police responded to four shootings in the District on Monday, one of which erupted during a Northeast neighborhood’s anti-crime walk.

Gunfire rang out on the 1800 block of Benning Road NE on Monday night. It’s the same block where four people were struck in a shooting around 11 p.m. on Friday. Four men and a woman survived the attack. Police released video of two men walking near the scene who are suspected of assault with intent to kill.


However, marching against violence is stupid in the first place.

Look, I get that these are people who wanted to do more than scream that someone should do something. They’re people who wanted to do something. I applaud them for that.

Well at least it was not Midnight ritual conduced by candlelight.  Virtue signaling is worth about as much as the paper on which it is printed.  Want to reduce community violence?  Find the missing fathers.  I’ll bet that all the shooters were victims of homes without their natural fathers.  Takers?

Note: Dear reader, yes I am cynical.  Then I am also old.

File under: anti-violence.