davidl on September 19th, 2018

And imagine, B.J. Clinton used to refer his missus as the “Smartest Woman in the World.”  From NBC News: Hillary Clinton predicted Tuesday that President Donald Trump will “wholesale fire people” in the White House and become increasingly unaccountable if Democrats don’t check his power by winning a majority of seats in the House or […]

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It’s amazing what you can find when you look for it.

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Eric Florack on September 19th, 2018

Blue Wave? Mmmmm… I don’t think so. It it would appear that this Beto O’Rourke character is sucking up all the resources…. And that’s something the Democrats can’t afford… They were broke going into these midterms, and it’s even worse now.

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Uh huh. The other shoe just dropped. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California conceded Tuesday that she can’t attest to the veracity of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school. “[Ford] is a woman that has been, I think, profoundly impacted. On this . […]

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davidl on September 19th, 2018

Can any person who honestly believe is Anthropogenic Global Warming own or fly in a private jet?  I say no.  Governor Moonbeam, b/k/a California Governor Jerry Brown apparently says yes, from William Teach, Pirate’s Cove: San Francisco International Airport’s corporate jet traffic rose roughly 30 percent during an international climate change conference in California, the […]

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