After weeks of complaining about the impact on our economy from tariffs on Chinese Imports, and getting the usual love some The Usual Suspects, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS… It seems that as usual mr. Trump has a slightly bigger stick then the critics understood or were willing to admit.

From Glen Reynolds:

ART OF THE DEAL: U.S. Oil Vanishing From Chinese Tariffs Reveals America’s Clout.“China’s original plan to target U.S. crude came at an inopportune time for the country’s buyers. Sinopec’s trading unit, Unipec, was embroiled in a dispute with Saudi Arabia, saying the producer’s prices were costly and cutting purchases just as it was boosting American imports. Two months on, refiners were faced with the risk of supply disruptions from Iran to Venezuela and paying more to take advantage of booming U.S. output.”

Add to that the piece I posted the other day about China and it would seem the action being taken with China are precisely the correct ones

You know you would think they would just sit back and watch the Nickelodeon for a while because they were tired of being wrong every single time.