Limbaugh, yesterday:

.We went back to the news archives, we found a Washington Post story in 2008 detailing how Rick Davis brokered a meeting between Oleg Deripaska, an oligarch close to Putin, and McCain, just like a meeting was attempted to be brokered between Deripaska and Trump. Rick Davis of Davis Manafort, a lobbying firm, which still is up and running in the Washington area. Rick Davis sets up a meeting between the Russian oligarch close to Putin and John McCain.
Sometime after that, the FBI or somebody came along and warned Senator McCain to be very careful of Oleg Deripaska because he’s a Soviet agent, could be a really bad guy, ties to Putin. So they warned McCain, and McCain continued the relationship with the guy, and nobody thought a thing of it. Now, the guy surfaces in relationship to the Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr., and all of a sudden — and Trump never met with Oleg Deripaska, and yet today we’re trying to nail Trump and impeach him and put him in jail and destroy him and ruin him because he colluded with the guy when he never did! But McCain did after having been introduced to him by Manafort’s partner!

I don’t even think I have to add anything to this one