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John Sidney McCain III, departed this life today.

One Response to “John Sidney McCain III: Dead (age 81)”

  1. His Grandfather was one hell of an Admiral and an accomplished aviator as well as an inventor of many Carrier operation techniques.

    His father, the second Admiral in the family was equally accomplished in submarines and amphibious landing technique.

    Reverse Ace managed to set Forestall afire and kill many US Sailors before managing to knock a Russian AA missile out of the air with his airplane over Vietnam.  Admiral Stockdale never spoke Reverse Ace’s name after the POWs were released, and refused to shake RA’s hand.

    After dumping a fairly well off wife he married Cindi, the daughter of a Budweised distributor.  Cindi is filthy rich.

    John Sidney McCain was a pathetic choice to take Barry Goldwater’s seat in the Senate.  He was unfit to lick Goldwater’s shoes, and unfit to start Goldwater’s plane.  Many of the crew of Forestall are manning the rail to piss on McCain as he enters the next world.