* Interesting that the majority of the people that are screaming about Russian influence in our elections are the same ones who think it’s okay to bring millions of illegal aliens in and allow them to vote.

* Speaking of Russian collusion and the farce surrounding the charges thereof, Interesting that many people who are calling for the end of the obvious Witch Hunt set up by the Democrats as regards Russian collusion, has its purposes. So far the only thing they’ve come up with is collusion on the part of the FBI the CIA and the Democrats. Shutting down the investigation now would prevent those findings from being prosecuted. Maybe we should keep this thing going, and let the Democrats bury themselves.

* Interesting that those that are so worried about the 3D printed gun, haven’t realized that if you can make a gun you can make an even larger threat… A Bendy straw.

* Interesting how the lame stream media hasn’t touched the story of the Union’s getting their backsides handed them in the courts.

One Response to “Interesting”

  1. The collusion becomes even more interesting when considered against the Gorelic MEMO which prevents such collusion to the extent 9-11 became easy since FB1 and CIA couldn’t share information.

    It’s tempting to think whatever Team D swears it ain’t doing and trots out regulations proving they can’t if they want to is exactly what they are doing.