The young blonde, with dyed hair, may think a degree in gender studies is equally as valid as say a degree Nuclear Physics, or Agricultural Science.   Such is her right to think as such.    Sadly while she has pay for her degree, see can neither eat her degree nor use it to find employment to pay off her college debt, from Breitbart:

The Hungarian government is discontinuing programs in gender studies at state-run universities after determining the programs serve no identifiable purpose and are based on “ideology rather than science.”

Bence Rétvári, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI), said that university degrees must be rooted in a scientific basis, whereas gender studies, “like Marxist-Leninism,” are more aptly termed ideology than science, and are inappropriate matter for university-level education.

A spokesman for the Hungarian government told Breitbart News that there is no demand for gender studies graduates in the Hungarian job market.

Now I am not sure what Blondie means by valid. I do suspect that Blondie means that a gender studies degree would make her feel good about herself. However feeling good still leaves Blondie a dollar short of a cup of coffee at McDonalds, her future employer? If fact is that graduates in hard science fields tend to get paid more that say journalism grads. So whatever Blondie thinks about valid is has no bearing on ability to find gainful employment and get herself out of debt.

3 Responses to “Gender Studies: College Degree to No Where”

  1. You always did like looking down on women you oppressive meanie.

  2. You over rate me.  It would be near impossible to oppress any woman so stupid as to waste her money and time to study Gender Studies.  There is no more oppressive force than stupidity (and greed?).

  3. If Eric won’t haul her, perhaps she could ride a bus to female deprived New Mexico or Nevada farm country where mouth breathing dullards would line up to marry her.
    Iowa too offers opportunity.
    Lot of need in those areas for new gene pools.

    She does bear a striking resemblance to Alvin Chipmunk.